You’ve been there, right? Scrolling on Insta when you spot her, wishing you had equally gorgeous hair, flawless skin, that super cute outfit, drool-worthy boyfriend + a few more thousand followers. And there, in that moment of fangirling, comes this crappy feeling of being less than.

When it comes to the media + the web, the message is clear: pretty wins, sex sells, superficial is cool + life outta to be lived for self. But what if there was a voice in the thick of all the noise that rang louder? A voice that reminded you of how beauty-full you really are instead of what you’re not?

Even Vanity Ends is just that: the girl gang you’ve always needed, speaking the truth your heart craves. We’re a brand that doesn’t just offer you cute stuff to wear, but stands for somethin' bigger. We’re crushin’ the fear of not being good enough + want to champion you toward being the best version of yourself.


Meet The Team

As a young girl, I wrestled with many insecurities about my body + the fear of not fitting in. I was known as the shy girl, who felt like nothing about me was special or memorable.

I struggled so much in finding my identity + knowing my worth that by the time I graduated from high school, I often found myself in compromising situations, as well as a toxic, abusive relationship. After reaching my breaking point in this relationship + nearly losing a loved one, I began my journey to find my identity, not in others, but in who I was created + called to be.

In 2013, I had a vision to build up + cultivate a community of women who would inspire + encourage one another to embrace the beauty of who they really are. At the time, I didn't realize I still struggled with many of the insecurities that haunted me from my teenage years: comparison, judgement + fear. But in 2014, I finally stepped out of my comfort zone + embarked on the journey of my friend Kam to start Even Vanity Ends.

Growing up, I was known as the wildly creative girl, the one who was never afraid to express herself. Yet I mastered the ability to hide my struggles + insecurities.

Having a knack for writing + fashion, I headed off to college as a Creative Writing major, making it my mission to become a Fashion Editor. Shortly after graduating, I saw my ambitions for what they were: superficial. I knew I wanted my life to be much less about gaining things + impressing people, and more about doing something to make the world a lil’ better.

Growing in friendship + doing life with Melissa, we decided to combine our passions for fashion, community + loving on folks with Even Vanity Ends. We wanted to create clothing that wasn’t just focused on how women looked, but aimed to highlight the beauty of who they are from within. Our heart is to help women be confident in their own brilliance + inspire others to do the same!