Dream Chaser

Well here it is.. my very first blog. Aghhhhh... i'm so excited to start this new online adventure. But I have to be real and say that I never thought I would have a blog. I've always wanted one, but I never thought that I was the "blogging type," if there's such a thing.

I would constantly doubt myself and make excuses of why I shouldn't have one. I had no clue on what to blog about or even how to create one and to be honest i'm still learning. But with the help and encouragement of my amazing husband here I am typing my little heart away.

Press Play To Listen To This Post!

This is definitely a huge stepping stone for me. In this season of my life i'm learning that to grow you have to step out of your comfort zone.... it's not always easy but it's definitely worth it. Creating this blog may seem like no biggie to some but for me it is the first step in making my dreams a reality.  

Today I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and do something that will bring you closer to your dream.

It doesn't matter how young or old you are, what you've done in the past, or whatever label society has given you; if you have a dream, go chase it!

This life is way to short to just sit back and let it pass you by. How will you know what you're capable of if you never take a chance and step out. Every single day is an opportunity to grow and get closer to your dream. Don't allow doubt to keep you from being AMAZING! Now, go out and make your dreams a reality and I want to hear all about it!!!