The Key to Conquering Your Fears

Happy Friday loves!

Did you know that even the most courageous people have something to overcome? Though we're all different, we've all have this one thing get in our way or trip us up. And it’s something I have personally struggled with my whole life: fear. Fear of public speaking, fear of what people thought of me, fear of roller coasters and the biggest fear of all: the fear of failure. I always knew I had fear in my life but it was one instance in particular that made me realize I constantly lived in fear.

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It was a normal Wednesday night for me. I was at church serving in our youth ministry. During praise and worship our youth Pastor approached me and asked me to do exhortation. That would require me standing in front of all of our youth challenging and motivating them, I thought. My immediate response was “NO!” I didn't even take time to think about it. I mean what was there really to think about? One of my biggest fears is public speaking! Crazy thoughts were circling in my head of why I couldn't do it. What am I going to say? I’m not even prepared. What if I go up there and make myself look dumb? What if I fail?! Needless to say, the final answer to his question remained no. I ran to the bathroom and barricaded myself in a stall and I immediately started to regret my decision. Why did I say no? What was I afraid of? In that moment I realized fear was the reason I turned down that opportunity. Once I came to that realization it was like a slideshow was running in my head of every time I had allowed fear to dictate my actions. Wow! What was I missing out on? What other opportunities have I turned down because I was just too scared? I knew from that day forward I could not allow fear to hinder me any longer! I’m not going to say it has been an easy journey; it definitely requires me stepping out of my comfort zone…a lot. But doing that comes so much growth and so many open doors.

What fears do you have? Do you fear loneliness? Change? The unknown? What would you do if you weren't afraid?

Today, I encourage and challenge you to let go of fear and replace that fear with faith. Do something to conquer one of your fears. Step out of that comfortable place and step into the unknown; there’s so many wonderful things waiting for you there. The best way to overcome fear is to face it head on. I believe in you and I know you can do it!

I’d love to hear all about how you've conquered and overcame your fears, so feel free to leave a comment below!