#TBH: My Depressing Dietician Visit

even vanity ends blog tbh my depressing dietician visit-1.jpg

Mood: Frustrated/Dissappointed/Angry/Determined

I went to the dietician + literally almost lost my mind when I saw those daunting digits pop up on the stupid scale. 208 pounds. Seriously? Never in my life have I been this heavy. The dietician started talking about my goal weight + how to achieve it, and I wasn’t even paying attention because in my head, all I could think about were those stupid numbers. 2-0-8.

I kept asking myself, how did I let this happen? I've gained 60 pounds since I got married. I wonder how that makes my husband feel? I’m no longer physically the same girl he met + fell in love with 4 years ago. I never believed the myth that when you get married you gain weight, but I guess it’s not a myth after all.

On the way home from the dietician I called my husband + closest friend to vent + ask for some accountability. I was inspired to journal about this experience to hopefully help + encourage others who are struggling with the same insecurities about their weight. I am going to be so transparent, vulnerable + real as I share my experiences with you all on my quest to be healthy. So today is the beginning of a journey. I’m sure it’s going to be hard, frustrating + at times, overwhelming, but I’m dedicated to overcoming this life long struggle. So cheers to a new healthier me! If you're battling being overweight, I'd love for you to join me + share your progress here with our blog community. We're all in this thing together + are gonna need all the support we can get!