#TBH: I'm TIRED of Trying to be Perfect!

Can you be your own worst critic sometimes? Do you get inspired, start things & then stop because you don't think it's good enough? Do you secretly beat yourself up when things aren't perfect?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, don't trip girl, we're right there with ya. In fact, we're in the thick of it.

Can I be real? Trying to run a business is straight up HARD! For nearly 3 years, Mel + I have been trying to make our dream of helping women conquer their insecurities a reality. And honestly, it's been one heck of a ride. But before you get to thinkin' this is a "we quit" post, IT AIN'T. This is all about how we've realized we don't have it all together.


The other day, Mel + I were talking about the struggle of blogging. We both often find ourselves having an epic idea or wanting to share some insight with you gals on topics we know can help you grow + live confident. But as we sit at our computers + begin writing the words on our hearts, we often get stuck, in comes discouragement & frustration, and then we stop. This is why you may have noticed our blogs have been very sporadic. But after our talk, we realized our biggest roadblock hasn't been a lack of creativity or motivation. Our biggest problem is perfectionism.

Since launching Even Vanity Ends, we've connected with some incredible people doing world-changing things through their businesses. And because we've been looking so much at what other folks are doing, we've been feeling like we're not doing enough. We've put so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect–from blog posts to product to even friggin' Instagram–that we've lost sight of just how golden our biz really is.

When you compare your beginning to someone else’s middle or ending, that’s totally unfair to you.
— Kam, Even Vanity Ends



Instead of practicing what we preach and not givin' a damn (yeah, I said it) about how we measure up to others, we've allowed perfectionism to creep in + hold us back from our greatest potential. Well today, we say NO MORE! Bye bye perfectionism! Pack ya bags! Ya gots to GO!

I couldn't wrap my head around why God would be crazy enough to give 2 struggling perfectionists a vision to help women find beauty in their imperfections?! Then it hit me: who better to help chicks crush insecurity than someone who's went toe-to-toe with it + isn't afraid to talk about it? The thing we thought disqualified us from leading others is the very thing that can empower others! (Mind. Blown.)

So to put a positive flip on this whole thing, we want to announce that we're looking for blog contributors! Haha! The whole purpose of Even Vanity Ends is to build a community of women who are championing one another into being more of who they are + less of what the world says they oughtta be. All of us have stories + wisdom that needs to be shared, and when we come together, we can inspire, uplift, challenge and push one another toward being the women we've been created to be!

Struggle with perfectionism? Perfect! Workin' through some struggles but want to share your journey? Yaaas! Dealt with insecurity? Awesome! That means YOU are exactly who we need to be part of the crew! So if you're interested, send us your stories or blog posts + let's change girl world together!

In what areas of your life are you trying to be perfect? Has that helped you or hindered you? Share your thoughts in the comments! 

aka "A Recovering Perfectionist"