Pep Talk: What's Getting in the Way of Your Dreams?

If you're like us, you've got dreams.

Big ones. Lofty ones. The sorta dreams that aren't just a cool idea for the moment, but are embedded within the depths of your soul. The type of dreams that are longing to be unleashed. The kinda dreams that can change the world.

And, if you've got dreams, you've got fears.

Big ones. Scary ones. The sorta fears that make you question if there's any point to dreamin' at all. The type of fears that talk you out of taking action + make you comfortable in that ruddy, unfulfilling place of Stuckville. The kinda fears that will convince you no one needs what you have to offer.

We've been there. Heck, we are there. But we're keepin' it real about the areas that make us scared as hell so we can be brave as ever. It's when we give voice to our fears + acknowledge them that we can begin to take the steps to overcome them.

This week, we've got a pep talk for you to dig deep, uncover your awesome dreams + get real about those nagging fears that are stopping you in your tracks so we can help you where ya need it most! Watch the video below!


So, tell us girl: What do you want most for your life? And what's gettin' in the way of that? We'd love to know so we can help you get past those obstacles. Share your heart in the comments below!