Pep Talk: Are You a Slave to Fear?

So I was in line at the starbucks drive-thru gettin' my a.m. fix, and thought of you.

Watch the video below for a quick pep talk that's sure to help you kill it this week + find freedom from fear!

Isn't it crazy how it's almost second nature for us to be fear-full instead of hope-full?

If you're like me, your brain has some sort of secret auto-pilot switch that shifts to thinkin' about the worst case scenarios anytime an unfamiliar situation arises. This week, instead of thinking about the scary things that can happen, ask yourself, "What's the best that can happen?" and make a decision to act upon hoping for the best rather than shrinking away for fear of the worst!

Living without fear isn’t just wishing it goes away. It’s about making a conscious decision to walk in faith instead.
— Even Vanity Ends



To help remind you of this while you're on the go, we've whipped up some fun freebies for ya! Save your fave as your phone wallpaper. Share 'em on Instagram to encourage your friends. Heck, print it out + post that bad boy on your bedroom wall! However these words resonate with you, give yourself the encouragement you need. There's fears that will come your way this week that are waiting to be conquered! So download your favorite pick me up below!


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