#SquadGoals: 4 Types of Friends You Can't Afford to Live Without

What would life be like without great friends? I mean really, think on that for a sec: where would you be if it weren't for your best babes? Our #SquadGoals series is all about helping you have better friendships, and today, it's time you do a chick check to see if you've got these 4 types of friends we believe no girl can do without.

1. The Ones Who Keep It Real

If you're human, you're imperfect, so mistakes + screw ups are bound to happen–even on your best day with the best of intentions. And when they do, sometimes we need someone to keep it 100 + check us when we're going off the deep end. True maturity comes in being able to learn from critique, and a friend who's not shy about holding her tongue when she sees you not living up to your potential is a friend indeed. (Not someone who's always judging you + pointing out your flaws; I'm talking about a homie who's heart in challenging you is to see you do better.) Hold on to this chick, 'cause you can't afford to stop growing.

2. The Ones Who UpLift You

When life gives you lemons, good friends know to bring the sugar + those cute lil' umbrella toppers because it's time to whip up some lemonade! It's totally okay to not be okay, and it's crucial to have folks in your corner who are willing to lift you up when you're going through it + want to give up. You need some cheerleaders in your crew, ones who are oozing with positive vibes, can encourage you, and even pray for you. Keep these kinds of friends close, 'cause you can't afford to do life alone.

3. The Ones Who Are Dream-Chasers

As a creative, I thrive off of...well, creativity (HA!) and when I'm in a bit of a rut, being surrounded by so many insanely gifted friends gets me going. There's something empowering about running alongside people who are chasing their destiny. When you've got peeps who are on a purpose-pursuit, it compels you to get off of your bum and do something. And if you're anything like me and sometimes struggle with fear or laziness, having some goal-getters in your squad to push you, hold you accountable + drag you to the finish line can definitely help you make ish happen. Cling tight to these types of compadres, 'cause you can't afford waste your life.

4. The Ones Who Don't Care What People Think

Ever been at a party with your girls + spotted a chick who is GETTIN' IT on the dance floor, all by her dang self? Y'all were probably snickering + thinking she looks ridiculous...meanwhile, she's having the time of her life. That is an awesome pal to have, someone who just doesn't give a...you know. There's something incredibly liberating about being around someone who's not a people-pleaser. No matter who's watching, she has the audacity to simply be herself–quirks, (twerks) + all. The less you care about what people think, the more brave (and fun) you become. So partner up with this gal, 'cause you can't afford to be anything less than authentic.

What friends in your girl gang can you not afford to live without? Which friend type do you need more of in this season of your life? Comment + share your thoughts below!