#SquadGoals: A Girl's Guide to Authentic Friendships


"They're all rich. They're all pretty...like reaaally pretty. They're bodies are literally perfect..."

When me + Mel were brainstorming blog ideas on friendship, we decided to do a lil' research–a.k.a thumbing through the #squadgoals hashtag on the interwebs. What we realized pretty quickly was that most girls who were using the hashtag thought their squad should consist of 3 things: girls who are drop dead gorgeous, rock the latest trends flawlessly + have a figure that'll turn heads.

Isn't there more to friendship than being on fleek, all the time? Isn't having a best friend deeper than having matching outfits? We want you to have friendships that add sparkle, strength + value to your life! So for the next 2 weeks–every Tuesday + Thursday–we're bringing you our new blog series, #SquadGoals: A Girl's Guide to Authentic Friendships! We want your girl gang to be more about quality than quantity, more about celebrating one another + pushing each other toward being the best women we can be. And if you want to learn how to build more authentic connections, stick around.

To kick things off, tell us about how you met your bestie(s)? Share your story by commenting below!