#SquadGoals: 5 Signs You've Finally Found Your Soul Sister

In life, friends come, and friends go. But soul sisters? Those last forever-ever. In our current #SquadGoals series, we've been having conversations about authentic friendships. So to explore the more comical side of things, I wanted to give you 5 tell-tale signs that you've finally found your soul sister!

1. You think it. She says it.

Ever been super deep in thought about somethin' and then out of nowhere, your bestie asks, "Hey! What do ya think about this?"–the very friggin' thing you were thinking about?! I've stopped counting how many times Mel + I have found ourselves on the same brain train. I'm not talking about just having the same cool idea; I'm sayin', we're on the same page down to even the nittiest + grittiest of details! It's seriously the coolest/creepiest thing. (I get the chills every...single...time.) I feel like it happens dang-near every time we're together, which is pretty awesome when it comes to being business partners. She ain't Ms. Cleo, but girl's got a habit of being all up in my brain cells!

2. There's no shame in going #2.

You know your BFF is the real deal when going boo-boo is not taboo. Haha. I don't mean to be gross–even though with being a new mom, I'm far more well-acquainted with poo these days–but the strength of a friendship isn't fully known until somebody's gotta "drop some kids off at the pool," as we say. It's honesty + vulnerability at its finest. So when your tummy gets to tumblin' after that coffee date, if your best friend doesn't judge you but instead, whips out the Poo-pourri, she's a keeper.

3. Ugly-crying is permitted.

We all have bad days, when life decides to sucker-punch us with stress + heartache. And it feels so good to have people in your corner who will listen to you vent + even offer their shoulder–or lap, or sleeve–for you to cry on. Mel + I have experienced some pretty rough times, but it's such a relief to know that when all hell breaks loose, we know we can count on one another to help bring some calm + comfort to whatever storms we're battling.

4. Gifs + emojis are your second language.

I don't know what your texts to your gal pals look like, but if anyone were to peruse through our iPhones, they'd learn pretty quickly that convos only using gifs + emojis are totally the norm. Sometimes, words just don't cut it, and to have a bud that can understand exactly how you feel when she sees any of these gifs is to have found your soul sister.

5. She. Just. Gets you.

There aren't many people in the world that get me. Heck, at times, I barely get me. But to have a friend that I can completely be myself around? That comes a dime a dozen. Someone who understands that I tend to go on Kanye streams of consciousness because I make sense of my thoughts as I speak them. Someone who is equally squirrelly + gets distracted by all things glittery, fun + bright. Someone that also thinks it's hilarious to speak with a British accent...or with a lisp...or sometimes both. Haha! Someone that's always down for a lil' car ride karaoke–Missy Elliot, Spice Girls + Beyoncé included. Someone who can't really help you not go broke in Target because they're just as obsessed. Someone that loves Jesus just as much, and is understands we're both a mess in progress! I'm thankful to say Mel + I have that kind of connection, that special kind of friendship. When your friend totally gets you + you get her, it's a beautiful, beautiful thing.

In reading this list, have you + your best babe reached soul sister status? What other ways do you + your friends connect that are different from how you vibe with anyone else? Share your stories in the comments below!