Pep Talk: Don't Let Your Screw-Ups Getcha Down

okay girl, be totally honest:

How many times have you failed at something + then thought to yourself...dude, I suck...?

There's tons of stuff we all suck at.

Adulting. Being on time. Getting dressed without your room lookin' like a typhoon passed through. Going out of your way to show the people you love some love. Parallel parking. Checking your voicemails, e-mails or actual mail. Finishing the things you start. Not being a control freak. Keeping your word. (Or are these all just me? lol)

However long your list of I-really-suck-at-_____ is, it's not hard to name 'em. In fact, I'm sure they all came to mind the minute I brought this whole thing up...'cause those are the very things that make you feel like you'll never be good enough.

Recently, we had a beautifully raw meeting with our team. Things got pretty deep pretty quick as we dove into talking about where worthiness comes from + the insecurities that've robbed us of God's best for our lives. And we realized how easy it is to let your weaknesses shape your identity instead of celebrating your strengths.

I know you like to act like you've got it all together.

And I know you want people to look at you + think you've got it all figured out.
But you don't. Ya know how I know? Because I don't. Heck, none of us do.

We all screw up. We all miss the mark. And there's plenty of things we're not good at.

But that doesn't mean we're failures.

It means there's plenty of room in our lives to let grace in. And it means we've got areas in our lives where we can use some growth. And if you're growing, you're living.

So here's something that's sure to get ya one step closer to crushin' that pesky feeling of not-enoughness (yup...just made that one up).

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Instead of focusing on your imperfections, you deserve to be reminded of all that goodness that's inside of you. This week, give yourself grace for your imperfections + limitations.


photos thanks to Brooke Cagle Photography

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