Outside In: A Poem for the Imperfect Perfectionist

From the Inside Out

The curtains are drawn.
I watch from the distance; the veil has encompassed my vision.
I am caged.
I press into the bars around me + scream.
Feeling caged within myself.
I'm holding on to visions
of someone else.

I am bound by my own judgments
and this vision of the woman I am "supposed to be."
Everything rides below the surface.
Wishing I was brave enough to unlock these bars.
Why is it so hard
to just be ME?

Chasing the world's definition of perfection is
and lonely.
It makes me feel inadequate,
leaving me with a void
like a sunset melting into the night.

I find myself constantly
beneath my makeup
and perfectly styled hair.
If someone could only see
the cage I'm hiding underneath.

I often wonder how many women feel caged
in their own version of themselves.
A version that makes everything align.
Often, I daydream
of the body I would have
or the clothes I would pair together.
I place these imaginary images
on the walls of my cage. 

What if I let go?
Embraced my insecurities,
embodied forgiveness,
setting myself free
from these unrealistic expectations
I have placed?

From The Outside In

You don't have to be ashamed of yourself.
You will never be defeated
by what they say about you.
You will only be defeated
by the things you say
about yourself.

Don't let the voice of other opinions
drown out the truth you believe in yourself.

We were all created
and unique.
Give yourself permission
to be imperfect.

As the veil is removed
from my warped visions,
I push open the cage. I have been released.
I have redefined perfection.
I've taken claim
of my confidence.
I grab hold of my insecurities
and love them,
right where they are.

photos thanks to Brooke Cagle Photography

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