Pep Talk: For the Girl That's Afraid to Try Something New


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"You can do it! You’ve got this!"

I find myself saying this all the time to those around me. But why is it that when someone tells me this, it's so hard to believe?

I think it’s because I fear that doing my best may not be enough for the people watching or receiving what I have to offer.

I think a lot of us do that right?

We are timid to do the things we may actually be great at because we see others doing similar things + are convinced their skills are much better than ours.

We disqualify ourselves before even attempting to do something we may love. We become so stuck in fear that we sabotage our own ability to experience something new + beautiful. We begin to turn everything into a competition.

I’ve always wanted to write, but believed I couldn’t because of something negative a teacher once told me in grade school. And if you're like me, there have been negative things people have said about you that you've believed, making it hard for you to embrace the cheers of “You can do this! You’ve got this!”

I want you to know that you really can do the things that you love without feeling + believing that it’s a competition.


You really are worthy of giving yourself the opportunity to try things you didn't think you had the courage to do, like writing a blog or applying to a job you aren't necessarily "qualified" for, or anything that appears to be bigger than you!

Before even sending off this post to my friends Melissa + Kameron, they encouraged me until I got the guts to hit the "send" button. I found myself being so hard on myself for even wanting to write my thoughts. But I had to recognize that no matter how scary or how vulnerable, I have something valuable to offer the world, and there may be someone out there who may need to hear these words so they too can bite up the courage to take the leap into trying something new.

Maybe that someone is you.

Your only responsibility isn't to be the best, but to be the best you. And don't you dare apologize for it!


Remember, “You can do this” You’ve got this!”

What's something you've been wanting to do but doubt you can? What fears are stopping you from just going for it? Let's get real! Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Love On,

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