Pep Talk: All Things Are Workin' For Your Good

Just 'cause bad things happen doesn't mean good things can't.

Sure, you have a past. You might've thought, nothing good can come from this. From the ways people have hurt, mistreated or abused you. From all the times you could've/should've chose better but didn't.

And maybe you've just accepted the impossibility of those dark corners of your heart ever feeling the warmth of love and light again.

You may be broken. You're not perfect nor are you always what everyone wants you to be. You've had losses + suffering, fears + battles.

But friend, YOU ARE HERE!

That’s why we can be so sure that every detail in our lives of love for God is worked into something good.
— Romans 8:28 (MSG)



Something good can come from something devastating.
Something good can come from something painful.
Something good can come from something shameful.
Something good can come from someone broken.

(Yes, even the worst of the worse.)

With blood still pumping through your beautiful heart, with dreams + purpose still alive in your veins, you've been hand-picked in the span of eternity and created for such a time as this. You've been chosen for greatness, predestined for worthiness + adored with relentless love. So live with strength, friend, knowing that God, the One who shaped you makes no mistakes. You making it this far is a beautiful thing all on its own.

Despite struggles you've had or are currently facing, what goodness can you spot in the midst of it all? Share your heart by leaving a comment below!