Pep Talk: Be the Kinda Friend You Need

Friend, have you ever shared something super private with your BFF?

Like those unfiltered venting sessions where you get honest about how you feel about something major happening in your life?

Or a time when you keep it 100 about a struggle you're wrestling with?

Well, if you're like us, you know how sucky it feels when that same friend shares what you told her with somebody else.

Whether you were looking for someone to just listen without judging you or were in need of some help + accountability, when a friend breaks your trust by gossiping about you, it makes you feel like a fool for even saying something in the first place.

(Talk about #trustissues.)

No wonder we don't let anyone get too close to us, because we're afraid that if we get real + allow ourselves to be vulnerable, it'll blow up in our faces.

But Friend, as much as you hate when this happens to you, you've gotta admit: we've all been THAT girl.

If you want to be surrounded by a community of women that cover you, you have a responsibility to protect others in the same grace.

Our friendships ought to be a safe place for us to be a mess + do real, raw life together. So if you value sisterhood, you have to protect it.

Don't be that girl that people are comfortable with talking bad about your friends to. Don't be that girl that is loyal privately but an enemy publicly.

As women, how much more confident would we live knowing that our girls were out to protect us rather than harm us?

The kind of community you want is also the kind of community you're responsible to create.

You cannot expect what you don't express.

Ever been THAT girl? Can you remember a time when a friend betrayed your trust? How can you be that safe space for your besties? We wanna hear your thoughts! Share 'em in the comments below!