Pep Talk: Your Life Won't Change if Your Thoughts Don't


Did you know your habits, your lifestyle + your decisions are all shaped by what you think?

Like have you ever been on Insta or Facebook (if you've still even got an account) and are scrollin' and end up coming across a video of someone taking a bite into some ridiculously delicious looking creation at some new food spot? Only to find yourself stalking that restaurant on social media, drooling over every photo and eventually going to the place to try it for yourself?

(Or am I the only one who has Yelp categories for bookmarked food places I'm dying to try?)

It all starts as a thought, a seemingly small idea in our minds that becomes reality, most times without us even recognizing it.

And the same way this applies to the reason why you end up going to Chick-Fil-A three times in one week (or is that just me too?) is the same reason why you're afraid of being single, don't let friends get too close or feel disconnected from God.

There are thoughts in your head that are dictating the kind of life you think you need to live.

The greatness you can achieve.
Your worth + beauty.
The impact you can make on this world.
The strength of the relationships you have.

All of these things hinge largely upon how you view yourself.

But if you're like most of the chicks we know, who you believe you are has been shaped by someone else. Either their hurtful critique of who they think you ought to be, or the pain they've caused you that's convinced you to think that you're less than.

In the Eve community, we've found that what you believe about yourself determines the direction of your life.

So girl, it's time to let go of stinkin' thinkin', let go of the lies + embrace Truth! It's time you stop just trying to manage shame and choose to refuse to feed into the thoughts that have been robbing you of who you've been created to be + the life you deserve to live.

As long as we consider ourselves dumb, unlovable, ugly, fat, unworthy, weak or invaluable, how can we expect anyone else to treat us differently than what we think we deserve?

C.S. Lewis once said, "We are what we believe we are." let's start believing the Truth.

So say it loud, say it proud...and repeat after me...


This Week, Think On This:

What negative thoughts have had an impact on how you live your life + see the world? What truths do you need to cling to? How can we help you think more positively?

Join the conversation + share your thoughts in the comments girl!

Love On,