Why You Can Stop Freaking Out About Your Future

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I hate hiking.

The idea of walking outside from one point to another (just to get a sweaty picture or see a view) will never be something I'll ever understand or appreciate.

It’s easy to get lost.
Trees are trees.
“False peaks” are a thing.
Terrain changes.
Have you ever run out of water on a hike?!

So many unknowns can occur and it is waaaay too easy to end up alone and lost.

I was explaining + defending my strong dislike for hiking to a friend one day when I had a moment with Jesus.

I had a vision that I was deep in the woods. So far into this hike that if I even dared leave my guide… I would be lost. Through valleys, hidden passageways, mountaintops, we would walk together. There were moments when he would have to carry me because I couldn’t walk anymore or had a deep desire to stop + give up.

I knew no matter what, I could not leave Him. Yes, even when I had no idea where we were going. I was way too far in with what He was doing to walk away.


When God showed me this, I had recently changed majors, as a junior in college. I was being sent in a new direction with my calling.

You see, God never changed, but my understanding of my calling changed… but that’s a whole 'nother post.

Girl, the Lord has decided to take us on a journey: an elongated hike (YIIIKES!)

The longer we walk with Him, the deeper into the woods we go, the harder the hike gets, the more we are gonna have to rely fully on Him.

He is going to encourage us, carry us, and stay with us, but we have to keep walking with Him to get to the end. 

One of the worst parts on a hike is the transitional moments.

When walking on the same terrain, at the same pace, and have an idea where we are headed… it makes everything easier. But the second one of those factors change, it takes a moment to readjust and trust that your guide is walking in the right direction. 

Ladies, newsflash: Change happens. Not just when hiking but all over the journey of life. At this point you think we would be pros with how often things shift around us…

I promise that there will be moments, if you aren’t currently experiencing them, that everything you once knew will suddenly be different.

You will suddenly be single.
Overnight, lose your Job.
You were not pregnant yesterday.
You could have sworn you paid that bill.
Weren’t you best friends?
Didn’t you have a five-year plan?
Aren’t you supposed to have it all together?

My friend who was defending their love for hiking simply responded to my points: “The joy is in the journey”


And sister, the joy is in the journey.

I kind of think we aren’t supposed to like the hike. Just love the Guide.

Hikes can only be accomplished when you know where the end is.

In our case the only Person who knows where we are going is our Father, who promises to lead us, never leave us, council us, laugh with us, hurt with us, and delight in us.

Good news: In the moments of change, he is there.
In the seasons of transitions, he is there.
When we have no idea where we are going, what we are doing, who we are becoming – breathe.
We are with a guide who has marked an exact map of what to do and where to go.

Daughter, just be willing to follow the peace. Follow the joy in the journey. Get so lost in the woods with Him that we have no choice but to follow Him.

Have joy in this journey. 


What's got you freaking out about the future? How can you trust that God is with you, behind you + before you every step of the way? Share your heart in the comments!


Love On,