#TBH: Hungry for MORE

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This past week has been a whirlwind of emotions for me. I felt like I was losing in this thing called life. It was as if everything I was confident in was crumbling from right underneath me + I just felt so unbearably... h u m a n. 

As my heart was being bombarded by fear + failure I was gently reminded of how much God truly cares for me. I broke down in tears on a ride home from work, crying out for MORE. God, I want more + I don't just want an ordinary more ... I want an extraordinary, heart changing more. 

God showed me in order to have more I have to give more. Giving more is so stinkin' uncomfortable, but standing outside of comfort is growth + freedom.

Girl, you cannot stay where you are, you were never meant to stay in your hurt, pain or disappointments

When life starts to feel unbearable + overwhelming + you feel like you just can't give anymore know that you can! You got what it takes, dig deeper + you'll find it. There's MORE in you that is waiting to ooze out + overflow in your life, you just have to go a little deeper, get a whole lotta uncomfortable, tell pride to hit the road + allow your heart to receive. This isn't going to be easy... but oh will it be worth it.

I'm so ready + willing to get all kinds of uncomfortable ... are you?

XO - Mel