This month's Event:

Dwell Worship Night


You've been wrestling with the idea of faith, wondering if this whole God-thing is f'real.

You've been stuck in a never-ending whirlwind of doubt about who you are + your place in the world.

All the things you thought would make you feel enough have been nothing but dead ends.

Girl, I've been there, craving + searching for soul-deep satisfaction but having no clue where to find it.

I believe Dwell is the start to you finally finding the missing piece of who you are + why you're alive: Love.

I'm banking you'll experience the heart of the Father alongside other imperfect women who've been on the hunt for answers. I want you to get in on the limitless love that God has waiting for you. 

I don't want you to miss out on this intimate invitation of deeply knowing and belonging. You deserve to take part in life-giving community, encouragement, honest conversations + wall-breaking moments. 

Love will meet you here. Whether messy or broken, come,


Maybe you're the girl who feels like her faith has flatlined.

Like you've hit a concrete ceiling. You feel more like you're just existing than fully alive. There's gotta be more than this, right?

I hate feeling stuck + like I suck when I'm struggling to connect with God. 

I am dying for you to be refreshed, for Dwell to be the place where you take 1 brave step to come close again. 

That you finally see God just wants to be with you, and that your acceptance isn't based on how well you get it right.

If you're not here, those insecurities + doubts you've wrestled with will be left unconquered. Friend, you owe it to yourself + those around you to know Jesus beyond the surface so you can be a light in this world.

Come alive again. You belong here,


Dwell worship night

saturday, august 18th @7pm
2585 south main street, corona

What To Expect

+ make new friends
+ eat yummy snacks
+ go deeper with god
+ intentional exercises for your soul
+ freedom to be you–beautifully imperfect

Space is limited!

+ we believe in the power of intimate community. it's hard to feel comfy to be fully you + fully present in a crowd, which is why we've decided to offer a select number of spots for this event.

*no charge! it's free!