Freebies For You

Here's some confidence-buildin', insecurity-crushin' goodies for you!
From iPhone wallpapers to self-love workbooks that'll bless ya soul, we've whipped up tons of goodness that's sure to help you discover, embrace and never forget the beauty of who you really are.


Pep Talks


Insecurities suck! And if you're like us, you're soooo over feeling like you're not good enough.

But living authentically can seem impossible without any support. That's why you need pep talks, so you know you're not alone + have a squad of soul sistahs who've got your back every step of the way!


Interactive Workbooks

"Made Strong" workbook

Some days, being a girl can be tough. And if you're like most of the chicks in our community, you can be your own worst critic sometimes. That's why we whipped up a super-cute freebie for ya: our "Made Strong" workbook!

Download it, print it + work through it to learn the beauty of your weaknesses + celebrate your strengths!


"Living in a kardashian world" workbook

In collaboration with our BFF, Yleana Cueva, for the 2017 Urban Youth Workers Institute Conference, we created this workbook for the girl that wants to lean in + dig deep with God as she discovers who she is. It's raw, challenging + will wreck you in a beautiful way.

So if that's you, download + print out this resource, and watch how God transform your heart with every page!


iPhone Wallpapers