What began as a simple effort to show people they matter has become a movement of cultivating compassion! Since then, we've impacted thousands of people + host Love Out Loud events once a month from city to city!

It is our dream to take this party to sidewalks + streets all over the world. Who knows...maybe you'll spot us in your neighborhood, giving love away + changing the world one lil' heart at a time.

Love On.

Everyone has a past. Everyone has been hurt. And everyone has a struggle they're trying to overcome. Every day, we encounter strangers whose stories we may never hear + whose battles we may never see. And yet the smallest act of kindness can be the very glimmer of light someone is longing for to remind them all hope is not lost + that life is totally worth living.

In the Summer of 2014, we decided to take our crazy passion for people to the streets with Love Out Loud. Banding together with locals who were just as excited to spread love, we stood on street corners giving away a whole lot of sunflowers + waving eye-catching posters with words of encouragement + affirmation.



This weekend while my husband + I were running errands, a young girl ran up to our car, handed me a sunflower, and said, “You’re beautiful!” Attached to the flower was a little message about self-love + acceptance.
There is so much negativity in our everyday lives. So, so much. It’s nice to be reminded that my children live in a world with those out there who work so hard to brighten other’s days, and that the world isn’t as overwhelmingly unkind as it seems.
— Nicole, @thiscactusheart
Thank you for the good work you are doing + for keeping hippies alive!!!
— Brigitte
I had a brief moment of sadness yesterday, but on my way home my spirit was lifted by these people on the street giving out beautiful flowers to everyone.
— Emy, @emyramos91
I got this card yesterday at a stoplight along with a few motivational words. Just when I was feeling so low because I’m going through one of the most difficult times of my life, these girls come to the car and hand me this card and tell me I’m beautiful. For a second, things didn’t feel so bad. I forgot the horrible reason I was down the hill to begin with. Just when things are getting worse, you have people like this who lift you up just enough to push through another day. So thank you random girls on the street.
— Crystal
Today I woke up in a depressing mood + knew it was going to be a challenging + rough day mentally. Then my fiancé walks in with a sunflower you lovely ladies randomly gave him on the corner with just the right words of encouragement to get me out of bed. I want to thank you for spreading love + beauty wherever you go! You really helped me out today + I’m thankful for that...keep doing the wonderful job you are doing, because you just never know who you’re helping or inspiring!
— Tori

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