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Everyone has a story. You've got tales of tragedy, trial + triumph that've shaped you into who you are today. Some things have changed you for the better, others have done you harm. Yet somethin' beautiful + powerful happens when we share them in the safety of community. When you have the audacity to be vulnerable, authentic + willing to share your lives with others, you're freed of fear, guilt + shame. No matter your past, pains or struggles, we've all got a thing or two to learn from you.

So tell us your story! We'd love to hear about the battles you've faced + conquered and want to share them with the rest of the Eve community! It's not about being perfect, but about helping one another become better women. This is your chance to change lives! So fill out the form below + let's do this!

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We know vulnerability can be pretty scary. But it can also bring freedom–for you + others. Be real. Be you.
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